What is "play based learning" at Toddler Steps?


Play is self-chosen.  Children were born to play.  They love to play.  They will play all day if they're allowed.  If you have to coax them into doing something then it's not play.  Play never feels like work or an obligation.


Play is enjoyable.  Play is fun! Play has no agenda.  Play is not for the purpose of meeting adult goals.

Play is inherently valuable.  All play is learning no matter what it is.  Whether you can clearly see the skills being mastered or not.  There is no hierarchy of play.

Play is unstructured.  In play, children make the rules.  They decide how long they play for and what direction their play takes.

At Toddler Steps we foster unstructured and structured play and throughout their day they learn about themselves and others.  Our structured play consist of following directions, learning empathy, and broadening their gross and fine motor skills through circle time, arts and crafts, music and movement, enrichment programs, pre - school activities, and so much more. We teach, nurture, and thrive every step of the way.